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Psoriasis Cream

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This complex blend of natural ingredients are known for their healing properties. Some of the many beneficial ingredients are: Quercetin which inhibits the action of phospholipase, an enzyme that generates free arachidonic acid. Turmeric- which contains curcumin blocks proteins that trigger inflammation. Wheatgrass extract reduces scale and plaque. Arnica Butter has astringent and anti bacterial qualities. Hemp Seed Oil improves cell membranes, hydrates skin cells and wipes out accumulated dead cells. Colloidal Oat calms redness and treats itchiness Apple Cider Extract known for its antiseptic properties.Other active ingredients include: calendula, salicylic acid, Jamaican black castor oil, vitamin e, aloe vera, coconut oil and much more.

Ingredients: Distilled water, turmeric extract, apple cider extract, witch hazel, colloidal oat, ginger mint extract, tea tree hydrosol, aloe vera juice, wheatgrass extract, silk amino acids, amaranthus extract, coconut oil, watermelon seed oil, hemp seed oil, Jamaicab black castor oil, shea nut oil, salicyclic acid, lactic acid, aloe vera gel, quercetin, camphor oil, calendula extract, quaternized honey, cetyl alcohol, emulsifying wax, yogurt filtrate, liquid germal plus

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