PRIMER Pore Minimizer

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This lightly tinted product is designed to eliminate large pores (around the nose area, inner & outer cheeks) Leaving you with even skin tone. Simply amazing how it works! It's a must-have product.

  • Contains all natural ingredients such as turmeric, honey, hyaluronic acid ,marine collagen, cera bellina wax, moringa seed oil and more
  • Made in the U.S.A., Cruelty Free, Safe To Use, Paraben Free and Good For All Skin Types

Apply to face, allowing 2 minute setting time prior to makeup application.


distilled water, polymethylsilsequipoane, hyaluronic acid, poly vinyl, honey matte, sesflash,moringa seed oil,lemon oil, dimethicone satin, luxglide. turmeric hydrosol, jamiacan black castor oil, wrinkle blur, titanium dioxide, oxides, stearic acid, myrica wax, marine collagen, cera bellina wax, emulsifying wax, germal plus

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