Blurr Face Cream

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This is a "must have" cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid Baobab oil and retinol. Everyone should carry in their daily beauty-collection. Blurr cream gives you a photo finish look, by smoothing and filling in the wrinkles for smooth surface and gets your face ready for flawless makeup. Goes on clear.

With makeup brush apply a thin layer on a clean face. Wait 2 minutes before applying makeup

distilled water, quaternized honey, sandalwood water, lavender water, alpha arbutin, palmityl isoleunine, ice silicone, baobob oil, veggie collagen, pomegranate oil, argan oil, sesaflash, wrinkle blurr, skintight c root, cream maker wax blend, royal jelly extract, vitamin c silicone, retinol, dermapeptide tightening, algae extract, phyo elastin, hyaluronic acid, moringa leaf oil, liquid germal

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