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Our Anti-Cellulite massage Soap helps reduce appearance of cellulite giving the skin subtle smooth surface, eliminates orange peel effect. Use it frequently for tighter, firmer sexy legs and arms.

  • Cellulite Reducing Soap Bar
  • Massage Nodules
  • Coffee,Juniper Berry, Kelp and Grapefruit
  • Coffee Cake Scent
  • Large 7 ounce Bar

INSTRUCTIONS: Use it in the shower, start massaging the soap in circular motion applying pressure on the areas of concern, you will notice the skin is turning pinkish. For best results (count until 30 for each area of concern) it'll help pull out access water that's trapped under the skin, turning the skin into pinkish color- which indicates blood circulation. Keep repeating each time in the shower. Once done- Keep the soap away from water. Let the soap air dry. ( This'll make the soap last longer)

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